You can’t be the most talented in the room, but you can be the most competitive.

I was told these words recently when I felt I was failing in everything I did. You can say I got an epiphany. I truly needed these words.

See when I look around, I see people who have failed at atleast one thing in their life. Whether defined as a minor or major fall but one way or another we have fallen short of what was expected. We haven’t always been successful. I have struggled with accepting failure in my life and for a person who has failed a lot I find it to be ironic.The thought of all that hard work gone in the drain, but does it really go in the drain? I don’t think so.

Excellence is a continuous process and not an accident. Each time you fail you learn what not to do and you try out another alternative. If you ask me, am an experienced lady on how not to do things. Sounds funny?

I won’t lie, I wear it with pride because life is teaching me and I am certainly learning. I am becoming better and undefeated. I am receiving and transforming my mind. Giving up and being rendered hopeless is not an option.

Here is what I know, it won’t be easy staying competitive. It won’t be easy convincing yourself to go on, to try again, to put extra effort. You will be demotivated, discouraged and disappointed in yourself. You will probably shed a tear or two or more depends on how much water you had earlier. Maybe you will also throw yourself a pity party, if you can manage the expense which is loss of valuable time. The benefit of that is between nothing and absolutely nothing! Let that sink in.

Life doesn’t hold the door for us to catch up. Its not your butler ! Life does not wait for us to get our momentum back or gather our broken pieces. See what life does is move on with or without you. Life goes on whether you are whole or in pieces, it waits for no one because it doesn’t owe you anything. I learnt that the hard way. Thinking life owes me an explanation, that it wasn’t always my fault.

A lot of us find it easier to push around the blame. The problem with that is you won’t ever grow and learn from your mistakes. Life doesn’t own you anything. Its life! If you and I can’t work hard, it won’t compromise to suit us. No hun, it won’t drop down its standards.

So as comfortable as it feels to be on the floor and lick your wounds, that’s not where you belong. Yes people will probably see that you are limping and are bruised. People will always talk, that’s just how people are. Some of your closest won’t even offer you a hand to get up. Take note that nobody owes you a hand, everyone is busy in their own affairs. Be there for you, dust yourself, gather your things and start moving.

You might consider taking another route, quickening or shortening your pace, whatever you feel you should try, go for it but make sure that you are moving again.

Let’s get to work.




To know love is to not fall in it but be part of it. I find love to be one of the most beautiful things in the world and am not here to sound like a cliche. Today being Valentine’s day I bet everyone has a had chance to read one or two quotes.

This will be my first Valentine’s day without some chocolate and if you know me, you know am a sucker for Ferrero rocher (hint hint). My dad has always bought some chocolate for everyone in the family. I certainly love this tradition and plan on adopting it when I have a family of my own.

I am all about celebrating love and the joy it brings. Don’t get me started on the goosebumps. My favourite love quote which also happens to be one my favourite verses is JOHN 3:16;

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”

Sadly the world today is looking for love in all the wrong places. We are too occupied looking for love in the places that don’t matter and won’t last. It is beautiful to cherish the people around you and buy them flowers and gifts.

My question for today though is, do we also extend the same love to the one that gave us those loved ones? If you are blessed with a wonderful spouse and family, trust me you owe it to God because so many people don’t have such a blessing.

When you look around today, it seems everyone is afraid of commitment and being loyal. Being faithful is becoming a myth. People are now getting into situationships instead of relationships. That’s the generation we are leaving in. So when you have a special someone who is a true blessing to you, who adores you and prays with you, you owe it all to God.

Many are the times we neglect to simply thank God for our lives and the people who love us. Many are the times we tend to appreciate the love God shows us. Ever felt sick you felt your body wasn’t your body?  Well last week I felt this way. I was down with a cold, which felt like malaria and I honestly got tired feeling helpless because this had been going on for about 5 days.

I must admit for years I have prayed for the sick and helpless and of course  I have fallen sick a couple of times before. No emergency sort of illness, glory to God. I mean this was just a persisting and annoying cold but it made me to think of those with cancer, serious injuries, those that absolutely can’t do things on their own.What must life feel like? I couldn’t attend class for two days and here I was feeling like I was wasting my life away. What of those that haven’t done or won’t be able to do anything without support? I honestly couldn’t help but be grateful for the unconditional, priceless love I receive daily.

Do we ever take time to just give glory to God for His love? For loving us with no condition? For giving us life without asking anything in return? If that ain’t love, I don’t know what is. So as we celebrate Valentine’s day each year let’s never forget the one who loves us the most and is worthy all the glory.

We can show our love in different ways be it giving, being faithful, praying, fasting or simply dedicating our lives to Him. Love is shown by being good to others who can’t extend the same favour to us. Love is forgive others for the hurt they have put us through. It’s my prayer you feel your heart with so much love.







So today I am 23. That one day of the year I get so much attention even from people I have not spoken to most of the year. Thats how special your birthday is lol! Anyway I am happy and definitely grateful to God for giving me life. I am highly favoured. I owe Him everything I have and everything I am.

If I could be honest though, the last 2 weeks I have been unenthusiastic about my birthday. I am growing up (obviously) Lol! Truth of the matter is, I have been feeling like I have achieved  so less to be counted for.

We all aspire to do great things, we all have ambitions and goals. I believe that is why we get up each morning right, work hard for those dreams to became a reality. Some of my expectations several years back were , I would be a practising lawyer,  maybe starting off a business, financial independence, make more impact in my community etc.

At age 23 these were supposed to be my accomplishments and when I look at my life, sadly i have achieved non of them . Reality hits hards, don’t it? Self questioning like, what am I doing  with my life? Where am I going? What has my existence contributed to the world, let alone my community.

Though in reality I am not exactly where I had hoped I would be, i have realised am where I need to be. I am where the work of my hands the past 22 years have brought me.This includes not only the positives but the negatives.

Practising lawyer? Exciting right? I have had that feeling for years. But excitement doesn’t get the work done, hard work and determination does. Aspiring business woman, I mean who doesn’t want to make their own money. Especially in this day and age where we have graduates who are wasting at home because of high unemployment rate. So one needs to think of entrepreneurship and find other means of getting on top of the food chain. Therefore I should have affiliated myself and exposed myself to business minded people but most importantly, I should have taken a step out of my comfort zone and try something. Financial independence? Well I am still in school doing my MBA now, so am not working, life took me elsewhere but i am looking forward to still earn my independence. I didn’t make an impact to my expectations and that is because I did not make much effort. The heart was willing but procrastination won that battle and that’s something I have to work on to get rid of.

So I guess I could sit down and lament but I could also take this chance to reflect on my life and realise God has a plan for me still, and that is why am still living today.

I believe physical growth is inevitable even with makeup but mental and intellectual growth is not. That is what I am working towards. Things didn’t go as planned but that doesn’t mean you have to stop trying or looking for other alternatives. That is what personal growth is all about. Not just adding the number of years but the number of ideas and efforts you make each and every day not to remain in the same spot you were yesterday.

Even though I am not were I wanted to be back in the day, I am glad I have a very loving and supporting family. They have been my pillar and my refuge. Home is where ever they are. God knows they mean so much to me, my motivators and prayer warriors.I have been blessed with great friends, who push me to do better and have held me when life gave me the brutal blows. I am glad am health, no sickness lives in me. Halleluyah! I am glad I am here in India doing my MBA in International Business. My future looks bright and I couldn’t be happier.

So if you are reading this and you can relate, know that though you haven’t achieved what you had hoped, take a look around and be grateful of what ever progress you have made. Know that God is still looking out for you and He has your best interest at heart. No matter how little your progress may seem, take it as a starting point and start building from it. Make it a goal that come next year, you will be elsewhere, I know I will be.



Ain’t no fun about being stuck, anywhere?There is always some sort of discomfort, well atleast that was me just over a year ago.Thanks to technology such awkward situations can be avoided. Is it healthy though? Is the question.

I remember 3 years ago when I was getting my driving licence, the road traffic system in Malawi is just a tiresome long process that leaves you waiting for hours.The agony of waiting and being stuck and being rendered powerless.

My phone was my safe heaven, I would spend time of whatsapp, Facebook, instagram,google (yes i love searching for practically anything; facts, news etc). I basically did anything to get my attention away so the wait didn’t seem so long.

I realised however that my safe heaven confined me to the same space am used to.What I mean is instead of engaging in a conversation with people around me, I was enslaving myself to my phone. Talking to people I already knew instead of getting to know other people.

Two years ago I decided to always use such opportunities and what a diference that made. I have made many acquaintances from bus rides to flights and just well queues. I have realised many are delighted to talk about themselves and what they do. Through this you can meet potential business partners, customers and who knows that love you are looking for might just be standing behind you.

So the point am trying to make from all this is, along the year we will find our selves in awkward and uncomfortable situations. Situations that might confine us for a particular moment. Make the most of it. Move from your comfort zone. Realise the opportunities that may be sorrounding you. Adapt to the situation and make sure you benefit from it. Make use of your time wisely where ever you are.




2018 was a really a good year. Not that i did not face anyhard times, i certainly did.Disappointments, dead ends, regrets you name it. However my dad taught me to always take the lesson from every experience and this is what i did with every down fall i faced. So despite not enjoying every bit of the year i have learnt a lot from it. I have evolved from it. I have defined it to have been my year of learning and self discovery. I have not let the circumstances i passed through define me, i have done the defining. I have failed many times but i have learnt throughout life that counting failures doesn’t do anybody any good. Rather counting and noting down the lessons does. Appreciating the blessings of God.

We all have had our own fair share of 2018. I have heard many say, its been a very long year, feels like 3 years were stuffed in one year. I guess this year has been one of a kind. We can reminisce over it, the failed chances, the lost opportunities, the memories of the friends and lovers who we have let go of. Yes we can take time to dwell on the what ifs or we can choose to forge ahead. We could think about all the good things that have happened. The wonderful people we met, the chances we got, the moments that brought us happiness and took our breath away. In short all the blessings. Each one of us has at least one. God has blessed each one of us in different ways.

So here is my thought, that blessing or blessings that this year has brought, let’s invest them in 2019. Let’s put our sole focus on bringing out the best from the good we already have. Invest in whatever good you got out of this year, invest it in the new year we are approaching, sow and multiply it. Let it bear more fruits. I am talking about going all out. Those compliments you got, work towards being even greater at what ever you were complimented about. Got a great job, exceed the expectations. Got credits this academic year, next academic year aim for the distinctions. Met great people, make sure they know you care and love them every chance you have. Perhaps you have a passion for preaching or singing or going for outreach, then do it more. Whatever it is that made you happy, that gave you joy and a feeling of  peace and fulfillment this year, invest in that. Maximize your blessings in 2019. Give it your everything. Each time we fail, we learn what not to do so we have  to try again no matter how much we fail. We shall try over and over again until we get our desired results.

This is how i have chosen to forge in this new year. I am investing in all the good and forgetting all the bad. I am investing in the life lessons not the reasons why things happened that way. I am putting my effort in what truly matters. I am maximizing my blessings and i hope we will be together on this journey.

SEE YOU IN 2019…



Hello lovies! So in my last post I talked about how I have come to discover the art of Self love.

I really believe once a person begins to love themselves unconditionally, everything eventually falls into place.

You can only value and respect the love of others when you value and respect yourself.

I have realised that you can value and respect the person that you are when you take responsibility of the things in your life.

We all make mistakes, own them. Only when you own your mistakes are you going to learn from them and move on.

We have to take responsibility of our thoughts, our words, and our actions. An action is first a thought. It first originates in our minds.

The word of God in Philippians 4:8 says, fill your minds with those things that are good and that deserve praise: things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and honourable.

I have found out in life that many of us find it very easy to criticise those around us but we don’t always appreciate the criticism when its directed to us.

Truly man is selfish and self righteous.

We want to be treated with love and respect, we always want to feel appreciated and forgiven. However many of us have not extended the same courtesy.

Personal growth begins when we accept our failures and our short falls and realise that we all fall short from being perfect.

When we stop concentrating on whats wrong with the world or why people do the things they do and bring all that attention into moulding our minds and actions in the way we wish to see the world.

When we begin to take responsibility of accepting the apology we never received, of apologising of caring, of honouring our words…maybe just maybe some will see the beauty of the world.

Humanity still exists. It exist at the back of our minds, its time we don’t forsake doing whats right because everyone is focused on magnifying our mistakes.

Acceptance does not mean definition. Acceptance means agreement of something that also capable of  being redefined.

I hope you take the responsibility today of accepting that you can also be wrong, that you are capable of making errors and that through that acceptance you are giving yourself a chance to learn.